The Lab

The Spine and Movement Biomechanics Lab owns and has access to state-of-the art systems and technologies than can be used for data collection and analysis.

The lab owns:

16-Channel Delsys EMG + IMU +EKG System

Dell Alienware Computer (Area 51 Threadripper)

In-dwelling Delsys EMG System

10-Camera Vicon Vantage 5 Motion Capture System

Mbientlab MetamotionR IMU's

SuperSonic Imagine AIXplorer ShearWave

Lambda Labs Blade GPU/ CPU High Performance Server

Depth Sensors (2 Microsoft Kinetics v2 and Intel Realsense)

2 Vicon Vue High Speed Video Cameras

2 Bertec FP4060  in-Ground Force Plates

1 Vicon Vero v2.2 Motion Capture Camera

Delsys Trigno Avanti EMG Sensors

The lab has access to:

2 Bertec FP4060 In-Ground Force Plates

In-Vitro Knee Simulator

Additional 16-Channel Delsys EMG + IMU system

10 Camera Vicon MX-13 Motion Capture System

DEXA Scanner

GE 4D Ultrasound

CAREN System

Tekscan K-Scan System


Spine and Movement Biomechanics Lab


200 Lees Ave
Ottawa, Ontario

K1N 6N5


Ryan Graham: 1-613-562-5800  x1025

Office 1: 1-613-562-5800  x1739

Office 2: 1-613-562-5800  x4969

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