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Journal Articles

Bourdon, E.J.P., Graham, R.B., van Dieen, J.H. (2019). A comparison of methods to quantify control of the spine. Journal of Biomechanics, In Press.

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Akhavanfar, M.H., Brandon, S.C., Brown, S.H.M., Graham, R.B. (2019). Development of a novel MATLAB-based framework for implementing mechanical joint stability constraingts within OpenSim musculoskeletal models. Journal of Biomechanics, 91: 61-68. (Link)

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Mavor, M.P., Graham, R.B. (2019). The effects of protective footwear on spine control and lifting mechanics. Applied Ergonomics, 76: 122-129. (Link)



Journal Articles

Beange, K.E., Chan, A.D.C., Graham, R.B. (2018). Evaluation of wearable IMU performance for orientation estimation and motion tracking. 2018 IEEE International Symposium on Medical Measurement and Applications (MeMeA). IEEE Explore: 1-6. (Link)

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Mavor, M.P., Hay, D.C., Graham, R.B. (2018). The effects of weighted skates on ice-skating kinematics, kinetics, and muscular activity. Journal of Sports Sciences, 21: 1-7. (Link)



Journal Articles

Ross, G.B., Sheahan, P.J., Mahoney, B., Gurd, B.J., Hodges, P.W., Graham, R.B. (2017). Pain catastrophizing moderates changes in the local dynamic stability of the spine in response to noxiously induced low back pain. Journal of Biomechanics, 58: 64-70. (Link)

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Journal Articles

Bonafiglia, J.T., Rotundo, M.P., Whittall, J.P., Scribbans, T.D., Graham, R.B., Gurd, B.J. (2016). Inter-individual variability in the adaptive responses to endurance and sprint interval training: a randomized crossover study. PloS One, 11(12): e0167790. (Link)

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Journal Articles

Mavor, M.P., Graham, R.B. (2015). Exploring the relationship between local and global dynamic trunk stabilities during repetitive lifting tasks. Journal of Biomechanics, 48(14): 3955-3960. (Link)

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Howarth, S.J., Graham, R.B. (2015). Sensor positioning and experimental constraints influence estimates of local dynamic stability during repetitive spine movements. Journal of Biomechanics, 48(6): 1219-1223. (Link)

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