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Maryam Hajizadeh

Maryam completed her BSc in mechanical engineering at Shahid Bahonar University of Kerman- Iran. Since she was interested in the applications of engineering in human health, she conducted her research towards biomedical engineering. She completed her MSc in Biomedical Engineering at Sahand University of Technology- Iran under the supervision of Dr. Farzan Ghalichi. Her research focused on optimizing the design of orthodontic brackets using finite element analysis to apply optimal load and reduce the treatment time. Then, she worked as a biomedical engineer for four years focusing on the design of orthodontic appliances and customized facial implants in Iran. Maryam joined Institute for Biomechanics at ETH Zurich- Switzerland in 2014 to take her primary research steps in the field of human motion analysis under the supervision of Dr. William R. Taylor. There, she used fluoroscopy data to estimate knee kinematics in patients with knee arthroplasty through different techniques. In 2015, she collaborated on a project to explore the efficiency of anterior cruciate ligament reconstruction surgery in controlling knee laxity at Sahand University of Technology- Iran. In 2016, she joined Dr. Mickael Begon’s group (S2M lab) at Université de Montréal to pursue her Ph.D. thesis “Towards understanding the functionality of foot orthosis based on foot structure and function”. In her doctorate, Maryam developed a neural network model to predict the dynamic behavior of foot orthoses during walking. Her main contribution was then to find the interaction between foot biomechanics (foot kinematics and plantar pressure) and the dynamic behavior of foot orthosis. The interaction between foot and foot orthosis could finally provide preliminary guidelines for the industrial partners of the project to improve the design of customized foot orthosis. Maryam started her postdoctoral fellowship in February 2021. She will use a combination of data science and wearable technologies for early health risk detection.  


  • Foot biomechanics

  • Gait analysis

  • Wearable technologies

Funding Sources

  • Postdoctoral Fellowship- Mitacs Accelerate (2021-2022)

  • Doctoral Research Scholarship- FRQNT (2017-2019)

  • Faculty of Medicine- Université de Montréal Excellence Scholarship (2016-2017)

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