Kristen Beange

PhD Student
Supervised by Ryan 2016-2018; 2019-2023

Kristen graduated from the University of Ottawa with a BASc in Biomedical Mechanical Engineering in 2015, and is now continuing her education as a Master’s student in Human Kinetics with a focus on innovative techniques to assess movement quality and control in patients with low back pain. She is currently in her second year under the co-supervision of Dr. Ryan Graham and Dr. Adrian Chan (Department of Systems and Computer Engineering, Carleton University), and is a member of the NSERC funded CREATE-BEST program. CREATE-BEST is a joint program involving McGill University, Carleton University, and the University of Ottawa that is designed to provide professional training to engineering graduate students to meet the needs of the growing mHealth marketplace – an innovative field that involves the practice of clinical healthcare supported by mobile devices.

Kristen’s research project involves the wearable-based assessment of spine movement quality and control in patients with low back pain to facilitate an objective method of diagnosing and subclassifying individual movement disorders. She is currently developing and refining a method for wearable-based evaluations of spine movement quality and control in clinical settings using a mobile application and cloud computing. Despite the potential benefits of this technology, the wearable sensors must be validated in their ability to accurately and reliably measure relevant data before this platform can be implemented on a large scale. Thus, the specific focus of Kristen’s current research is to validate these wearable inertial measurement unit sensors for orientation tracking and measurement of spine movement quality and control.



  • Spine

  • Clinical evaluation

  • Wearable sensors

  • Neuromuscular control


Funding Sources

  • Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council (NSERC) CREATE-BEST (2017-2018)

Spine and Movement Biomechanics Lab


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