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Christopher Bailey

Postdoctoral Fellow
Supervised by Ryan 2020-2022

Chris completed his BSc (2013) and MSc (2015) at Queen's University, and his PhD (2020) in Kinesiology Sciences at McGill University. His undergraduate and Master's work was supervised by Dr. Patrick Costigan and focused on using a wearable trunk sensor to objectively evaluate biomechanical performance in a submaximal knee flexion task. During his MSc, Chris collaborated with Dr. David Bardana to validate his wearable sensor-based evaluation of knee function in patients with anterior cruciate ligament reconstruction. Chris subsequently worked in Japan, and, during his year abroad, became increasingly interested in how healthy aging affects the control and quality of repetitive movements. He joined Dr. Julie Côté’s group for his PhD thesis "Biomechanics and physiology of motor variability in repetitive movements of young and old female and male adults." In his doctorate, Chris used a combination of biomechanical (optoelectronic motion capture, electromyography, dynamometry) and physiological (near-infrared spectroscopy, ultrasonography) tools to study neuromuscular and movement variability in upper limb fatigue and in gait. He collaborated on his gait work with Dr. Massimiliano Pau's team at the University of Cagliari, where he also explored neuromuscular control in person's with Parkinson's disease. Chris began his postdoctoral fellowship in September 2020. He will develop a wearable sensor model and use machine learning to investigate motor variability phenotypes in gait across the lifespan and as a function of physical activity. 


  • Control of repetitive movement

  • Aging

  • Fatigue

Funding Sources

  • Postdoctoral Fellowship-uOttawa-CHEO Research Institute (2020-2022)

  • Doctoral Postgraduate Scholarship-NSERC (2017-2020)

  • Doctoral Fellowship-Bloomberg-Manulife Fund (2016-2018)

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