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Xiong Zhao

PhD  Student
Supervised by Ryan 2018-2020; 2020-2024

Xiong completed his Bachelor of Science with a specialization in Rehabilitation Therapy at Jining Medical University in China. During his internship in the physiotherapy department in a major hospital in China, his interest in Biomechanics was fuelled. During his master's at the Spine movement Biomechanics Laboratory, under the supervision of Dr. Ryan Graham, Xiong's research focused on movement quality assessment based on wearable sensors:  Movement quality assessment during squatting using goal equivalent manifold analyses.

During his Master's, Xiong decided to pursue a PhD and fast tracked into the PhD program. His research interests will be in quantitative movement scoring using wearable sensors/markerless motion capture systems.


  • Spine

  • Wearable sensors

  • Sports injuries biomechanics

  • Movement quality assessment

Funding Sources

  • China Scholarship Council (CSC) (2020-2024)

  • University of Ottawa Admission Scholarship (2020-2024)

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