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Alex Mir-Orefice

Research Assistant

Alex is presently in his last year of his undergrad, as he is completing his honours bachelor of science in human kinetics.  Prior to this, he completed a DEC in Health Sciences at Marianopolis College. In his first year of his undergrad he got involved in psychomotor research with, then,  PhD candidate Brad McKay on a study that looked at the effect of choice of practice conditions on learning of a novel task. He has since been working under the supervision of Dr. Diane Ste-Marie on a project looking at the effect of expecting to teach on learning and he is now helping with the completion of a meta-analysis looking at the effects of feedback frequency. 

Alex is now completing a fourth year research project with the help of Gwyneth Ross, looking at the agreement between two inertial measurement unit (IMU)  systems and a markerless motion capture system compared to VICON.  Alex is also assisting Mohammad Akhavanfar in the development of a new whole-body musculoskeletal model in OpenSim.  Alex worked with both Gwyneth and Mohammad as part of an NSERC-USRA bursary.  

Funding Sources

  • NSERC-USRA bursary (2020)

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